Because Your Words Have Power
Because Your Words Have Power

How to Join Law Review

The mission of Arizona Summit Law Review is to publish practical journals that engage and influence the legal and other professional fields. Law Review challenges editors to seek publication which cultivates an environment of personal and professional achievement. Law Review seeks to become the leading organization on campus.

With this a constant goal, there are currently three ways in which a student may join Law Review.

1. Grade On (Coming Soon) - If you are ranked in the top 10% of your class you will be given a direct invitation to join Law Review.

2. Write On - During various times of the year Law Review will host a write on competition that will allow those with a mininum gpa standard to showcase their talents and potentially be chosen for Law Review.

3. Another way to become a Law Review member is through the write on process. If the Law Review selection committee feels that you may make a qualified member next term, you have the opportunity to become an intern with Law Review first.